Brisko | Alliance Application

Greetings! Thank you for your utmost interest in forming an alliance with Brisko. To start your journey with us, kindly read the guidelines then send a message to any of the Public Relations Director. You may look at the support channel in Brisko’s communications server to see who to contact.

In order to ensure the quality of our community and our partners, we have decided to put up some requirements below this message.

  • The applicant group must obtain no less than 3,000 members.

  • At least 300 members in its communications server.

  • Must have non-botted members.

  • Required to have at least one free-running game.

  • Must ensure they have a set of rules that can easily be followed by the members of its community.

  • Must be professional, active, and organized. Brisko is not interested in partnering with a fan-made group.

If your group has met these requirements, you may apply using the following questions. You are required to send the application on Google documents.

  1. What is the name of the group you are requesting an alliance for, and how many members does it hold?

  2. Describe your group and its morals.

  3. Why are you seeking to form a partnership with Brisko?

  4. How is your group able to benefit Brisko?

  5. How can we benefit your establishment?

  6. What differs your group from others within this industry?

  7. If we are allied, who are some of your group’s representatives that we could speak with?

  8. Please send links to the group and its communications server.

As you are writing the application, you agree and acknowledge to follow all of our rules and guidelines. Failure to do can lead to a loss or termination of our partnerships.

After you sent the application, please allow up to 48 hours for the Community Director team to examine your application. We will let you know once our final decision has been made. Any concerns or inquiries? You are welcome to reach one of our Community Directors for further compensation.

Approved by,
The Brisko Senior Management and Leadership Team

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