Broken team randomizer

I’m using the classic team spawn and when i was play testing the game i noticed that i always without fail spawn at top team on the teams service, i don’t know if its a bug or i am extremely unlucky does anyone know how to fix this?

Make sure the SpawnLocation's TeamColor property is set to the color of your team and Neutral is false.

i already tried that, it said that on all the tutorials too

Do you have Team.AutoAssignable set to true? Otherwise you will have to manually change the player’s team as all player’s are automatically assigned to Neutral.

yeah mystery it was set to true

Could you send me a SS of the properties of the SpawnLocation? And the team if possible.

Also, make sure the SpawnLocation’s Enabled property is set to true and Neutral is set to false.

Is the spawn location’s Enabled property set to true? it isn’t covered in the ss.

oh sorry, i didn’t want to send 3 pictures.
yeah spawn locations properties are enabled