Broken Town upcoming update 2.9 Edited

Hello all of my fan’s that are waiting for the " Update "
We had made some progress lot of progress We founded lot of new And Useful stuff to make,
What is it and Let’s jump into it.

  • Witch stuff are we are now Focused
    We are focused in:
  1. Music’s
  2. Missions
  3. Voice actor’s
  4. More real models
  • Who will work on it
  1. dxgbj3
  • Why are we focusing at that first?
    because we may can more progress then The Bug’s Since we want to make the story First and it will be an a interesting story and make the game Fun and More Understanding
  • Will be there any Blood / violent In game
    Yes there will be violent on the game and blood since it is a War game too But you are more focused to stop or be on witch person are you ( a or b or c) That we may say To be More Private Until you come into that part
  • How much violent are there
    You can go into the militant Group That can be ------ or another county and if it is a the Enemy Side You will get Killed My instant even on some mission can be even Violent or blood But rest is By chance’s

  • What Are going to come in To the game
    WE will put
  1. A Online map if we can
    2 .A another npc
  2. Mods

Thanks for all The support for now

All stuff we’re made by Developer’s Or Founder

By Starlife Moderation