BTR | Armageddon II

Armageddon II is the latest installment of Armageddon, a historical map from the Black Tide Rising. To help achieve our mission of creating a friendly yet competitive clanning environment, the following information has been made public by order of the Haeres:


Defense Training - default mode for all VIP servers. Unlimited numbers at the discretion of the VIP servers’ owner.

Regular - default mode for all defenses/raids. 10v15 is the minimum required to start a raid.

Superclan - Avarians are the insurgents for this mode. Amusement mode must be scheduled in advance with an Avarian officer.


  1. Preflooding is permitted, however it is requested that you are considerate when choosing raid times. We may not be able to respond to every defense. To yield higher defense rates it is recommended that you schedule the raid with an officer at least 1 hour in advance.

  2. We reserve the right to dismiss known cheaters that are either on the RCL Criminal Records, or Clan Cheater Registry. Avaria has a zero-tolerance policy for known cheaters for both parties at any official Avarian events.

  3. Toxicity should be kept to a minimum for both parties.

  4. Allies are prohibited from participating in defenses/raids unless both parties agree to doing so. Authorization must come from a Decimus or higher.


:official - starts the raid.
:end - ends the raid. This should only be used when a team pulls out of a defense/raid.

Armageddon was originally developed by the following people:
VorciferThorn - Building

ThatsJustGreat - Programming
Tayseri - Programming
Karets - Programming