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About Me

Hi there! My name is Tom and I am an experienced LUA scripter. I’m currently a developer in groups such as EMBLEM Theatre, RoTalent, and myCenter. I’m confident with RemoteEvents, RemoteFunctions, Trello, APIs, and pretty much everything you can think of. I don’t want to be hired as a long-term developer, I’m just looking for a small job.


Here are some recordings/screenshots of my work

This is a Janet robot from the Netflix series “The Good Place”, I was bored and I tried to create something similar. It’s buggy as I never finished it.

I also created a UI for EMBLEM Theatre, this is the MR+ panel, they’re able to access and manage: bans, warnings, training sessions, staff management, application statistics (unread, passed, failed all through trello), etc. I do UI although I wouldn’t say I’m the best at it.


Staff bios.


I am available any day of the week for a few hours. I try my best to complete my commissions in an appropriate amount of time, it shouldn’t take more than a day but that depends what you want me to do and whether I’m busy.


Prices are negotiable, it depends what you need me to do and how long it will take.
Preferably £4 (5.11 USD) or more depending on the work.
My preferred payment method is PayPal.


You can contact me through Discord with the tag: tom.#0546

Thank you!


Tom has been our long term developer for almost a year how and he’s absolutely fantastic. He’s always up for a task and it makes it seem like he knows everything and anything! Would 100% recommend him to anyone.