Bubble Chat not visible on far zoom

Hi, I’m a builder with no real skill scripting related skills but I am looking for some help with the in game chat for Roblox. The game is an isometrically based game that I created using a far zoom and a narrowed field of view. However, because of this far zoom, bubble chats fail to appear due to the distance. Is there any way around this? I’ve included a gif below of the issue.

As proof I have indeed activated bubble chat, here is the modified code from the clientchatmodule folder below.

Here is an example of me using bubble chat with it failing to appear due to the far zoom.

Using SetBubbleChatSettings, you can set the MaxDistance and MinimumDistance. Just add a localscript into ReplicatedFirst and call this function with those 2 variables set to whatever you need.

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You could find an open source bubble chat system with filtering and just edit the UI properties or try @soliform’s solution.