[BubbleChat Color Gamepass] When a player chatted, show different color of BubbleChat that based on their grouprank or gamepass

As the title shows, I really need an Idea on how to make this.

So, basically when a Player (owns a Gamepass or had a higher rank in a Group) chatted he/she will make a BubbleChat with a different color to other Players.

It is similar to the Plus gamepass of MeepCity.

I only know how to implement the BubbleChat in localscript but that doesn’t answered my question.


You can change the color of the BubbleChat or you can make your own BubbleChat and make it work your own way. If they own the gamepass the color of the text or the Color of the UI changes. You could also add some extra text like if someone says ‘hello’ then you can add [VIP] next to it to make it look like
[VIP] hello.

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Which BubbleChat are you using? Old or new?

I don’t really choose for any type if I can implement this then I’ll stick with the version. But if possible I’d like the New BubbleChat because of its less bug.

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