Bubbly Juice Bar - Official Public Handbook

BUBBLY JUICE BAR | Official Public Handbook

Greetings, welcome to the Bubbly Juice Bar Public Handbook. Here at Bubbly Juice Bar we aim to deliver an amazing and kind service to all customers, from our staff being able to serve amazing juices we are always looking for new customers to enjoy an amazing refreshment at our bar!


This handbook will include as much information as possible to make sure you know everything that is important for our group, including guidelines, rank limitations and more. If you have any other further questions about this, please don’t hesitate to contact a member of our Leadership Team!


  • Please be respectful to everyone.
  • Trolling or exploiting in our premises is banned and will lead to consequences.
  • Point cheating is not allowed and will cause you to be demoted.
  • Discrimination is not allowed as it is offensive to others and is really just not acceptable as everyone should be treated equally.
  • Any sign of advertising within our premises is not allowed and you will face consequences.


Affiliate Information

Thank you for taking interest in becoming an affiliate with Bubbly Juice Bar, we are always looking for new affiliates to stay aside us on our journey. Below are some requirements that you must meet in order to become an affiliate with us!


  • Must have 2 people from your group join us in order to announce any of our events.
  • Must be willing to announce any events we may host.
  • Staff must be respectful in any of our premises.
  • You MUST abide by our community guidelines.
  • Understand that we have a right to terminate our alliance if we feel we have to.

If you meet those requirements, please contact a member of our High Rank Team or Presidential Team.

Rank Descriptions

Valued Customer - A normal customer at the Juice Bar.#

Honoured Customer - A retired High Rank Team member or developer.

Trainee - Passed the quiz, needs to attend a training.

Staff Team

(All LR ranks can do the same.)

Junior Barista - Can create and serve drinks to people.

Barista - Obtain 150 points and pass training.

Senior Barista - Obtain 250 points and pass training.

Kitchen Leader - Obtain 400 points and pass training, also able to become an MR.

Middle Rank Team

Staff Assistant - These people are in charge of making sure staff are doing the right thing and supervising the Juice Bar.

Supervision Team - Same as Staff Assistant.

Management Team - Same as Staff Assistant.

Administration Team - Same as Staff Assistant but have the permission to rank users.

High Rank Team

Chief Resources Officer - In charge of making sure all MR ranks are doing what is right and are in charge of affiliates and events.

Chief Staffing Officer - Same as Chief Resources Officer.

Chief Operations Officer - In charge of staff consequences, promotions and operations.

Chief Executive Officer - In charge of recruitment, and are the heads of Management and Administration.

Leadership Team

Vice President - In charge of the High Rank Team and making sure everything is running smoothly. These tend to work on their position, Human Resources or Public Relations.

President - In charge of the Vice Presidents and making sure everything staff related is going smoothly.

Ownership Team

Vice Chairman - This position is currently held by xOs_xr and them only. The Vice Chairman is in charge of assisting the Chairman and reporting any news back to the Chairman.

Chairman - This position is currently held by YTFUZE123 and him only. The Chairman is in charge of making sure the daily operations of Bubbly Juice Bar are being completed as well as making sure everything development related is going smoothly.

Useful Links

Roblox Group: Bubbly Juice Bar - Roblox

Thank you for reading this handbook and don’t hesitate to contact a member of our Leadership or Ownership Team if you have any further questions.

Created & Signed by
The Bubbly Juice bar Ownership Team