Bug when using Humanoid.Sit = true

I have a bat script and baton script that when you hit a player with it, it makes them sit. But when you get up, you can’t sit in any seats or get in any cars.
It uses this property: Humanoid.Sit = true
Once they get up, they can’t sit back down in any seats or vehicle seats. I don’t know if this is a roblox bug or scripting bug, could anyone give any suggestions?


Instead of making the player sit, you can use Humanoid:ChangeState() and change it’s state to Ragdoll, then GettingUp shortly after, or FallingDown, which gives a similiar effect as Ragdoll and GettingUp combined together. This will give you a similiar effect to what you already have. You can learn more about this here.


are you running this on a local or server script?


Does this actually work? I tried it one time for rag doll and it didn’t work for me


I can’t help you without you attaching your code, but yes, it does work when it’s ran from a LocalScript. Try using FallingDown, it’s like a combination of Ragdoll and GettingUp. As the engine documentation says itself: “The Humanoid has been tripped, and will attempt to get up in a few moments.”

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