Bug with os.time

When I try to use os.time, it returns as “function:” An example I had was " function: 0x135c30b4aeeb399f" Is there anything I can do?

I can not find previous problems like this.

After I found the bug while I was scripting, I made a plain script like this to see if it would keep doing it on a baseplate.

while true do


Is there anything I can do?

Try os.time() with the parentheses and see if that works. os.time is a function, so you need to include the parentheses.

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os.time and tick are functions that return values. What you’re currently doing is grabbing a reference to these functions and printing them which is giving back the memory address. You actually need to call them to get back the expected results. See the above response.


Yes, that does work. Thank you!

I will keep that in mind. Thank you!