Bugged Shadows linked to extreme lag?

Hey, DevForum.

I’m running into an issue with my game in studio. It randomly started happening but the shadows to all of the parts are very exaggerated and not proportionate to the suns position in the sky, and this is also causing extreme lag to the point that I cant even move my camera about 15 degrees without freezing up 5 times, same goes for when I try and play the game.

To answer some obvious questions, yes I have checked to see if there’s anything in the sky causing these shadows, but there isn’t, and it’s definitely the models and parts on the ground anyways. I’ve also disabled global shadows but that doesn’t seem to do the trick.

Again I’m sure I just pressed some weird key bind or accidentally changed a setting, but I’m also concerned it may be something more complex. Hoping someone can help me out.

Thanks guys!

try making a new baseplate and copy the models over there. If its still laggy, then its the models. If its not, I might be something else.

Thank you, I’ll mess around with the models and try to find out what’s up.

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