Build suggestions

Hello, I’ve recently got to work on a project for my group. I’ve been building this not to fully go 40k, but mix into both 40k and Roblox, and I could you suggestions on what to add.

Things I will do later:

  • Add lanterns and other light sources that fit the theme.
  • Add more furniture, etc. (Note: I’ll add models and much more once everything has been built)
  • Pillars and ribs for the larger room.
  • Make the statues stone and in Varity. (Note: statues represent our classes for the elite rank and are worn outside the game.)
  • Doors.

Currently the 2nd room is a new addition and was built in 2 hours! (Lighting) The game should be played on max and then seen on low graphics. I do know about the collision I’m just too tired to union them at this moment.

I’m also looking for supporters (recruits) for the group. And am in need of HRS which is another matter.
If you’re interested please contact me via Discord.

Discord: AdeptusMechanicus#2966

Also, please keep in mind that this was built using a 2080rtx and is meant to be low poly.

(Also, thanks to JohnDrinkin for building such a wonderful set of armor! Wish to see more nifty designs of armor!)

Anyways, I hope you enjoy what I’ve built and how I’ve designed it. It’s based off of gothic architecture although not 100% accurate.

Link: Dungeon/Castle project start up! - Roblox