BUILD101: Introduction To Building

BUILD101: Introduction To Building

Join me on 02/19/2023 at 03:00PM GMT (don’t forget to do timezone conversion, if necessary) at the Creator Events Guilded server to learn the basics of using Roblox Studio software to build a three-dimensional map which can be used in Roblox experiences.

So, if you want to become a Roblox builder, then this virtual event is for you.

This event will take place on a streaming channel which will be made available on the Guilded server during the event, so please join the streaming channel when it is available.

This event will be recorded and added to the Past Events channel of the server once the event has concluded. By participating in this event, you accept this matter.


This event has concluded. Due to Guilded streaming issues, the event was streamed on YouTube. Due to OBS Studio-YouTube connection issues, it is in two parts and the beginning of the PowerPoint presentation was not fully shown. This issue will be prevented in the future.

Non-Captured Presentation Slides

Part 1:



Would be greatly helpful to people like me (scripters who haven’t got a clue on where to start LOL!), as building is a really handy skill.


Just curious, is this the only place where you will be advertising this?

Thank you for providing more information about the advertising for your event on Roblox Studio. It’s great to hear that you’ve reached out to an audience!
I appreciate your commitment to educating new developers on Roblox :smile:! Although, I am interested in helping you with advertising. However your statement was just a bit unclear with how you want help, are you talking about generally telling others about the Events, creating icons, etc.