Builder 2+ Years, Negotiable Price, (Eiffel, CN Towers)

About Me

Hi there! I am offering my services as a builder. I specialize in asset creation and level design. I have been building for 2+ years on Roblox. I’m looking for some people to work with and make sure you are not a scam, I will be asking if you are and prove you have Robux and all.

My Work

Some of my Work

Just a building

Exterior of the Eiffel Tower. Note: I didn’t do it properly so you’ll be seeing some blocks coming out.

Exterior of Roman Colosseum.

CN Tower



I m available 6-8 hours everyday, more in weekends around 8-10 hours, and I can work really fast, and proper.


Prices are negotiable based on the build I made if its small low price if its big higher price, etc.
One thing is not too low unless it’s a small build. I only take Robux.


Please contact me if you already have a team and you have high hope for a game or if you need me for a one-time job, and you can pay, I’ll only give you the product if I trust you that’s why I’m asking for a team, with high hopes, or a trusted one-time job.
(I have trust issues I have been scammed many times.
Contact me her on Dev Forum or via Discord: 145HEY_Official#5270


for 2 dollars for paypal could you make me 1 portal and 1 tree

Could you buy my a gamepass, then I might do it. Could you DM me on Discord I’ll see what I can do portals I can kind of make it but you’ll need a particle Designer, let’s just talk on Discord. I just made a portal I put the picture in my work. It looks kind of weird.