(Builder - 25k+ in ads) Builder for some small maps!

Lego Entertainment - Hiring Builder

About Us

Lego Entertainment, is looking for a good low poly builder, who knows where to place stuff to make the map as fun as possible.

A portfolio is required, the use of blender is required.
Must have some map reference in really cartoon low poly style.

The map has to give the impression of being in a lego world, but at the same time, it has to attract children a lot

we’re talking about 3-4 maps of 100x100 - 150x150 size.
Only the season change x map, so only the first map require assets to be made.

The Team
@CouldBeYou - Environment Design
@TropicsDev - Scripter
@friesny - UI

Example of our game's build style

Must be active all days for work on the game. Max 2 days x week of no work.


Builder - 25%

We’re going to put 25,000 R$ in ads, but they will increase insanely to 70-80k during the development

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Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:

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