Builder, 3D Modeller, & Scripter (Only doing 1 job at a time)

Hello, i’m kinda bad at introductions so i’m just gonna cut to the chase, i’v been building in Roblox for 5-ish years, and scripting for about one, my scripting has greatly improved, but i’m still kind of an amateur, but i’v been able to script basic working food systems (and some stuff which is too specific to describe on this post) and am learning more as I go along.
As for building, i’v been building stuff all my life, for roblox specifically i’d say around 5 years as I already stated, I can build hyper realistic houses (though it takes time), low-poly stuff, and can also work a bit with Blender. And if it’s a specific style, i’ll need to see it and get used to it a bit if it’s new to me, i’ll most likely catch it quickly.

For some reference on things I have scripted, built, or 3D modelled, here are links/images to my previous work:

WIP Stranger Things recreation:

WIP Spongebob Game:

NOTE, the Spongebob game has a few free models, like the Roblox barrel, and the shell mesh on the Krusty Krab sign.

Random house I built:
(The bushes are just redesigned/resized free model trees)

Taco Bell. No context needed.

–McFat-- McDonalds
(The McDonalds golden arches were the only free model)

Staircase from Stranger Things game

Basement from Stranger Things game

Basic Food System:

(NOTE: Really basic, I have a more complex one but not only is it unfinished, but I don’t wanna spend too much time explaining it on here, if you want more info on some of my scripts message me on discord and I can show some of my work more in detail with scripting, this is just the only straight-forward example I could find right off the bat.)

Hello Neighbor Chair
(NOTE: Built it with reference from the actual asset so that’s why it looks just like the game)

Low-Poly 3D Modelled Hamburger & Soda:
(Actual 3D modelled parts are the soda and the hamburger buns)

This is just the highlights of some of the stuff i’v made, if you want to know more DM me on discord and i’ll be happy to tell you more (Scarfy101#1362), as of right now I am trying to not do too many jobs, since I am quite busy with my own projects and IRL stuff. Sorry for my lack of professionalism, i’m just a teen trying to help lol.

(LAST NOTE: I don’t do free jobs unless I know the person really well)

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your discord won’t work

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i change my username alot, sorry.

it’s back to normal now, however, so feel free to add me if you still need something.