Builder and 3D Modeler

About Me

Hi guys, I’m looking to work on games as a builder or 3D modeler and possibly a GFX artist. I’ve been developing for a while, almost 2 years now even though I took a break recently, but I’m back and better than before!!


Here’s my portfolio which is a bit outdated but gives a good idea of my abilities as a developer:


I’m mostly free on weekends and I can also work a couple of hours during weekdays if necessary.


Prices are negotiable, I accept either Robux or USD.


I’ll check my devforum DMs often so feel free to send me a DM.

Thanks for reading and please do give feedback on my creations!


Great models and builds, bro!

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Woahh, those are some very, very sweet stuff you’ve made. All the best with your commissions :+1:!

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