Builder Assistant, the right click menu you always wanted

So I’ve been working on this over the last week. I’ve been quite turned off by how much clicking I have to do in the ribbon bar to get simple things done while building, so I created this to fill that gap and speed up the process of doing minor tweaks to a selection without having to open up other plugins. The idea is this is going to boost the abilities of the default dragger and transformation handles without having to rely on other plugins. It isn’t meant to be a full replacement like command utility or other plugins.

I did my best to give it as much functionality without compromising ease of use. It should take no more than 5 clicks at maximum to reach any of the tools and transform things at the increment you want.

What you get: (the links go to a .gif of that action being done)
[li]Move on World Axis[/li]
[li]Move on Object Axis[/li]
[li]Move on First Selected Part’s Axis[/li]
[li]Resize from center of parts[/li]
[li]Resize from the side of a part[/li]
[li]Scale the entire selection by multiplier[/li]
[li]Rotate by World Axis[/li]
[li]Rotate by Object Axis[/li]
[li]Rotate by First Selected Part’s Axis[/li]
[li]Mirror Selection based off of first selected part’s orientation, and a plane relative to that part[/li]
[li]Duplicate placing above the original selection[/li]
[li]Duplicate placing at the same position as the original selection [/li]

All of that from pressing left control + right click. I’ve got plans for more features in the future, but I figured this was a good amount for a version 1.0 release. (expect things like setting values from the display boxes, edge rotating, settings (default increments, transparency, which side of the mouse it appears on) in further updates)

You can pick up the plugin here:

I’d love feedback on this. Keep in mind it’s meant for quick tweaks so adding things like drag handles and things that make it more total-building-suite-like aren’t things I’m looking to do with it. If you find bugs or odd behaviours let me know about them so they can be fixed.

(thanks to Anaminus and Wingman8 for some code snippets used in bounding box getting and reflecting cframes).

Update: fixed opening logic, made it handle more like the actual right click menu.