Builder For Hire [CLOSED]

The Problem
Hello there, I am making a hotel game with someone else.
We only need 1 builder to help making the hotel.

Builder 1: CapriBiscuit
Builder 2: At this place you can be!

Work Time
There’s not really a time you need to work on it, but working 1 hour each week on it is not enough of course.

The payment is 25% of the game does make. This is just the precentage of that the game does make devided by 4. If the game fails and don’t get players / don’t make robux we can’t pay you robux out, please notice that.

Thanks for reading :slightly_smiling_face:

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Sure, do you have discord, also, are you looking for a modeler or scripter or both?

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We’re only searching for a buiilder. My Discord is IggyDev#5265.

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Can you clarify what you mean by hotel game? Will it be a roleplaying place or a different genre?

Haha thank you for specifying that 25% was 1/4 of a 100. Apart from that, I’d suggest adding some more details about the actual hotel build such as its style and size.

Thanks for everyone who responded! We now have 2 builders!

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