Builder for Hire

Hello I’m beirke123,

I was a builder for Typical Games and made several maps for Epic Minigames and Silent Assassin. Anyways moving on, I’d love being part of a new Dev team! I make maps & models, learning how to make low poly things. Been on Roblox for almost 4 years now, I’m 18 years old now.
I would be able to build for several hours every day.

If you’re interested in taking me on as a builder or got any questions, feel free to contact me on Twitter, Discord, or Roblox! Thanks!

- Roblox:
- Twitter:
- Discord: beirke123#8139


Your builds are great! Good luck finding a new dev team to work with :grinning:

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I’m interested in hiring you.

Sent a friend request on Discord.


Still open, Im interested.