[Builder] Foxzes' Portfolio

About Me

Hello, I’m Joshua and I’m an 18 year old developer from the UK.
I’ve been a builder on Roblox for 7 years on and off. I work exclusively within Studio, without use of Blender.


You can view my most recent assets here: 18 - Roblox

Sadly, I lost my main account (termination :confused: ) back in 2017 so all my other work is gone with it.

Here are some screenshots of my work

La Jument Lighthouse (A showcase)

{SHOWCASE} La Jument Lighthouse - Roblox

Some of the givers I made for Headbutt simulator

Find the other 10 here: 18 - Roblox

I feel it noteworthy to mention that the prompts for these assets were, in order: Ice, emerald, mushroom & Diamond. Any creativity beyond those themes were my decisions.

Recreation of the Lego Heavy-Haul train

Some assorted assets

More stuff

Unfinished stuff

Cartoon town assets


I am looking for work currently, specifically for payment in Robux (and limiteds). Please reach out to me on my Discord. I will take any size job.


I do accept percentages in games but that depends on my faith in them (and I usually only do established games), I prefer payments per assets though. I accept Robux and PayPal, but ideally the latter. I trust you to value my work, not myself, so you’ll need to name a price when commissioning me. If you’d like perspective, I took 26,000 robux for the Headbutt simulator givers.


I’m free at any time to contact on:
Discord: Joshua#1555

and on here but with potential delayed responses.

Thank you for your interest and I hope to work for you soon!


thats some great work there! btw i loved that villager model lol.


You have a good selections of builds, Foxzes. I particularly liked that beautiful lighthouse, in your selection of screenshots. Good luck in finding your perfect role.


Updated to include hourly rates


Stumbled upon this developer’s work, I can say that it looks amazing! Keep up the good work mate


updated to include some more recent work

Reopening commissions, looking for payment in Robux (and limiteds) exclusively. Please reach out to me on my Discord.