[BUILDER & MODELER] Archer Simulator [OPEN]

Serenity Studios’ Archer Simulator is looking for an environmental artist who is experienced in 3D modelling and creating low-poly simulator-like style maps.

The Game

Archer Simulator is a simulator game on Roblox centred around archery bow mechanics. The aim of the game will be to hit targets and target dummies around the map, rewarding you with in-game currency for you to spend on items like better upgraded bows, upgraded arrows, new areas to explore etc. I aim for the game to have well-made, smooth mechanics; and you will be required to optimise your builds & models to meet these needs.

The Job

Your job will be 3D modelling assets for the game and designing the maps in the game. You will be required to have good knowledge in using 3D modelling software to create assets, and knowledge in using Roblox Studio in order to piece them together. You will be expected to create things ranging from the map, bows, arrows etc.

This job is also a partnership between me and you. I am looking for someone who is prepared to put time and effort into this game just as I am, and someone who is willing to work with me to create the game that we want together, discussing ideas and deciding on changes together throughout the game’s development.


You will be given permanent 35% of game revenue throughout the game’s lifetime. The game has a lot of money in funding backing it (which I will discuss further with whomever receives the job), and you will be given a definitive payment of 75kR$ if the game does fail.


You can contact me here on the developer forum, or on Discord for a faster response at ollie#4299
I will not respond to any messages via Twitter or Roblox messages. You must be 13 years or older to apply and be capable of using Discord to communicate on a day-to-day basis

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