Builder & Scripter (Looking For Smaller Jobs)

About Me

Greetings there, I am Aensvey and I have been building on the Roblox platform for 4 years. In addition to my building skills I have taken up the arts of scripting! I’m currently looking for small jobs that would take under a week or two to complete.


Building -

New Work


Old Work

Scripting -

Place Links

(yes I know this is pretty empty as I’m not the best when it comes to scripting and I only posted my most recent creation)

(Keycard doors V2, press E to open them)


I’m available at the very least an hour each day, but I’m usually on for much longer. (progress might be slightly hindered on weekdays due to school)


I will only accept Robux payments whether it be via giftcards, group funds, or a gamepass purchase (tax included). (Price is completely dependent on the difficulty and size of the build)


My preferred method of getting in contact is through Discord; You can message me at, Aensvey#2799.