Builder to co-found a cafe/restaurant with me

Hello. I’m looking for someone to co-found a cafe/restaurant with me that can manage all the artistic sides of the group (Building, Scripting, GFX). I will manage all the daily operations and financial/legal aspects.

I have a few ideas for the name/theme but we can discuss that further later on.

About Me
I started my journey in the cafe/restaurant world in 2015 working at Kestrel’s first-ever cafe.
In 2016, I co-founded the original NBC Shirt Creators with my friend Crimsonal and later sold it to FireFume. This group went on to become the largest group of its time and amassed over 5 million ROBUX.

Since then, I have been involved in the overall operations of several popular groups. (Iron Cafe, Starblox, Koala Cafe, Soro’s, etc…)

I want to split all revenue 50-50 if possible. However, I am willing to pay you to get started so you have some incentive to work hard on this project with me.

I want to create experiences that people won’t forget about for years to come. I believe many cafes/restaurants sell themselves short and don’t reach their full potential when it comes to creating experiences for people.

If you share the same passion for creation as me, please contact me on discord @ Perilous#9756

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