Builders needed for hide&seek type knife game



Hi, I’m Yeita. I’m looking for an experienced team to join me along the journey of shining the light on what many consider, the dead genre of Roblox games… knife/murder games. Now, of course we’ve all heard of the many popular games such as Mad Murderer, Murder Mystery, etc but… I’m not going for that. I’m going for something bigger, better, and something that’ll bring this genre to a whole new level.

The Team
Scripting - @Yeita
UI - @Yeita
Building - @currently unfilled, interested? apply!
Building - @currently unfilled, interested? apply!

yes, I purposely have two building positions here.

About the job

I’m looking for two experienced builders to join me along side this journey. I expect a time commitment to our project, a healthy amount of communication with one another, and good work ethic. Most preferably, you are able to prioritize this project.

Like I said, we will be working on a knife/murder genre game, but bigger and better. Your job is to help build the game in its entirety. You’d be building things like the lobby, maps, and anything else we need built.

Game Details

At minimum, there are 3 players. 1 Player will be the seeker, and 2 Players will be the hiders. The hiders need to hide from the seeker, if the seeker takes out one of the Hiders, the last Hider is the last man standing who can defeat the Seeker. The last man standing gets a knife, and has the chance to kill the Seeker, only if they’re good enough to do so though. If the Hider wins, the Hider team wins and get XP & Points. If the Seeker wins, he/she gets XP & Points. Players can use XP to level up, and use Points to buy cases to get knife skins & affects.

this is only brief details as-well.


Unfortunately (for both of us), due to some reasons I am unable to offer USD as a viable option of payment at the time of this posting, and most likely for the foreseeable future.

Each builder will get a 35% cut, taking up 70% of profits. I’ll take what’s being left, 30%.

"Will upfront payment be a option for our work?" due to reasons I would much prefer to be able to find someone able to take % of profits rather then upfront. This is in fact the first project I’m leading by myself, and my funding is quite low, so for those reasons upfront payment may not be a viable option for a while.

Contact me

Please contact me, (@Yeita) here on the developer forum or discord with questions, concerns, or applications. Previous work & history of work, as well as information about yourself is required. You must be 13 years or older to apply.

Discord: Yeita#3204

Talk to you soon :slight_smile:

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Im interested. Now, I know you said there’s no upfront payment, but if you’re able to offer a little something, im happy to take this on, with the main payment being the %.



the weird thing is, me and my friend had a hide and seek type knife game idea a while back :laughing:

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I’m a bit confused by this…

You must be 15 years or older to apply.

Why does the age of the applicant matter much, because I have some interest in this project but the age restrictions mean I wouldn’t be able to be in the team. Maybe it’s because I’m not the most experienced person when it comes to development studios and I’m missing something, but I don’t see why it’s needed!



I’m interested! My discord is Pixel#005



This was a typo. Suppose to be 13, due to restrictions with Roblox safe chat and other features on Roblox, as-well as Discord ToS etc.



Let’s figure something out! Yeita#3204



Ah, okay! Sounds much better.

You can add me on discord, which is BarryYee#4776. I’d be happy to show you some things that I’ve built!



Do you need a composer for the game, i may be interested.



Send me a friend request on discord and we’ll talk. Yeita#3204



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