Building a game

Hello developers I’ve decided to build a game for my group it’s basically a skyscraper game where it will have possibly 100 floors or more with elevators that work.

Now I don’t really expect anything as such but it’s a little chill out place for my group so I don’t really expect it to become famous. But if I wanted to get 20 concurrent players in-game what would I need to do?

The game will possibly be over 100 floors and have -20 floors. Players will be able to have their own floor also.

There will be an express lift that goes from 0,30,59,99
That goes roughly around 100 metres per second.

And the main lifts goes to all floors to 59 which goes around 50 metres per second which is still fast.

And the carpark lift is still in design we will also have a staff only lift that will go to all floors but players who taken the main lifts to 59 and wish to go up further may need to change for another set of main lifts or take the express lift.

So basically this game is all about exploring and want to see your opinion on this and any ideas?

<The main concept of the game is exploring for those who don’t understand>

So yes I do need ideas and your opinions?


So firstly just to make this clear, since you are planning to add lots of floors, mobile players wont play your game due to lag, which means it will be kind of harder to get 20 concurrent players.
In my opinion, 100 floors and -20 floors is too much.

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It’s a skyscraper it’s supposed to have loads of floors.

Also at the moment the game has 60 floors and my and my friend mobile works perfectly fine. I understand what you’re saying and I’ve taken extra care by not making so many parts.

Also it depends on the users specifications meaning if someone has a phone with 8GB ram and decent hardware then they should be able to play but if you get something low end it probably won’t be able to play roblox anyways.

but thanks for the advice.

Also if we do come to the issue of lag we can always enable streaming enabled.