Building a Replica of a real life city

Heya! I’m building a replica of The City of Edmonton in Alberta Canada. I am trying to design the game for a realistic roleplay of emergency responders in the area. Is it against TOS to use real-life street names? I want to make it as realistic as possible, so I’d like to know what I CAN and CANNOT do.


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There are no restrictions on using real street names. What is restricted is using company names, names on mailboxes, anything that is copyrighted, an infringement on privacy, or inappropriate (like adult stores etc.) basically.

I’m making my own New York City in roblox, and I looked through all of ToS just to check if I could use real street names, even though I won’t, so I know why you are asking :grin:

So yes indeed, you can use real street names! :partying_face:

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