Building advices/tips needed

Hello guys,

This is my first post for the #help-and-feedback:building-support category. I need some help, tips or advices to improve my building skill. Cuz I have seen alot of developers building with a cool realistic style with roblox basic part. Maybe you guys can help me to learn more and improvise my buildings skill. Ok that’s all. See you next time.


Can you be more specific? Like with what exactly do you need help with? Adding textures, lighting, modeling, etc.

I need some tips like if I am making a wall, does it need to be detailed or just leave it simple

Dear, HesmesAsPhawk

Some tips I suggest is that you could start by mapping out the wall or think of the design of what type of wall you are doing. I also suggest sticking to the category of the wall or model you are doing. When you are done mapping out the model, start by building the model with more parts each time. Some plugins that would improve your model is, Gapfill, and Archimedes Two. Take your time with the model, the more time you spend on the model the more likely it will become more realistic. You could also use references to find ideas on what you want to make or the design you are looking for.



from my experience I would recommend learning blender cause in my opinion, it’s a lot easier and you also learn modeling at the same time

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