Building and modelling realistically without blender or external programs

Hello everyone, I’m coolguyweir.
Although I’m not new to roblox studio, I wonder if there are ways to build faster.
I’m currently making a realistic house, featuring all the details possible. I base my building from the pictures, and try to copy it exactly.
However, I think I’m building a bit too slow. It’s been around 10 hours of work and I haven’t even finished the exterior details (I finished outlining everything already btw).
So can someone please teach me how to build at a relatively quick speed but without dropping quality?
Note: I mainly use the resize align, gapfill, f3x building tool.

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I don’t think anyone can teach you how to build faster. Everyone builds at their own pace and building something realistic only means more time. Just keep building!

Unless you’re trying to do a job for money or payment I wouldn’t worry about speed.
I’ve built projects early on where I’ve spent a week on just the outer details and realized I messed up some scale on the build so have pretty much had to redesign it all over again.

Speed doesn’t help you build better. Patience and an eye for detail will help.
I know people who’ve spent a whole month on a single room and it’ll be amazing.

Well, I want this game to release before the end of next year. Though that seems like a long time, for my game it isn’t, especially since I’m working solo and I want full profit ( meaning no other team members).