Building Challenge #24 - Lights

Today I ChatGPT’d some types of lights. Then I made these lights! I experimented with lights too. Most of the lights are optimized for ShadowMaps, you have to change some settings if you’re on Future lighting. I made a free model of these lights that you can take for free! It was the first pack I created.

You can check out the previous builds of this challenge here. And you can check out the game here!

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That’s great!
The only strange thing is the green light…

Also you forgot to turn off the grid :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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Oh yeah, I forgot to turn off the grid again…

The Burger Light is actually called Neon Light IRL, but I renamed it to Burger Light just because it wasn’t too complex lol.

It seems strange to me, IDK why, maybe make it a bit more bright

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