Building Challenge #5 Wooden Cabin

Hey developers, I made this Wooden Cabin today. It’s small but detailed. What do you think about it?

You can check out the previous builds of this challenge here. And you can check out the game here!

Outside 1

Outside 2


Inspiration image I’ve used:



I think the outside looks really nice but the interior could really do with some more work. I think that you would become better if you take the time to actually finish the builds instead of leaving them half done. You really have a lot of potential!


Yeah, my schedule is bad lol. I realized to make a better interior I need to change my schedule. I learn scripting in the morning and practice, then I do some other work. And between this, I eat and bathe and do all the regular stuff. And at the end of the day, around 8 PM I start building. And sometimes I start at 10 PM. That’s why I don’t get much time to finish the interiors after 2 hours of work outside of the build. I have to go to sleep next. That’s why I don’t get it done, but I will try changing my schedule slowly :slight_smile:. Because I also understand that my builds aren’t complete products. Thanks for the feedback!

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I get that you’re busy. You could try doing a build over two days instead of one? Whatever you like most though!


That’s a good idea! I can make a build in two days and one small build in one day.


My only question is, why is it yellow? I recommend reducing the green in the wood.

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Oh, it’s yellow because I wanted to match it with the reference image. But it’s not colored green, it’s yellow. I think it looks green because of the new Roblox material.

i think you should try adding some warm lights to the wooden cabin, also, i like the detail on the outside!

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