Building Challenge #7 - Low-Poly Garage

Hey developers, today I tried out the low-poly style. Because most of the builds on Roblox are made in this style, I also want to master this style. I made my first cartoony and low-poly style garage today.

You can check out the previous builds of this challenge here. And you can check out the game here!

Here is how it looks:

Thanks for viewing, any constructive criticism is appreciated!


Looks good! But I don’t like the floor texture… And it is empty… But other that that it is great.

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If I were to make a car to fill up the garage, it would take weeks! I still don’t know how to model a car, but I’m learning Blender these days. I will learn how to make a car soon! I saw lots of garages have that texture, so I gave it a go. But thanks for your valuable feedback!

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I like the exterior of the garage but the interior could be worked on. The floor does not fit in and you could use another texture for the floor or make the current floor texture transparent (around 0.7 transparency to 0.9) so it doesn’t stick out as much (assuming you’ve used a texture for the floor). You could also add in shelves to make it less plain but other than it looks quite good.