Building Design good?

So I’m pretty new to building and all, And I’m creating game like Flashing Lights on steam. I’m wondering on your guys suggestions of my civilian spawn parking lot of Ideas I should fix to it and its design.

Photo #1

Civilain Spawn

Photo #2

Police Department

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Small details such as wheel stoppers or parking meters could be added. Also, the parking slots look a bit wide, they are a bit slimmer in real life. This doesn’t have to do with build style, but I suggest you group/union your parts and name them to clean up your workspace. The effort will be worth it.

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Thanks, I was planing on unioning after I get it all built example, Police Department one model will be all grouped, Thanks again for feedback totally forgot about the wheel stoppers. I will be also working on its detail.

Looks good.

You can also add one of those wheel stoppers. In the middle of the parking slot. And you could add some area lights that sit in the parking lot on the sidewalk. I would suggest you add those small details and like Supersham said try making the parking lots! a bit slimmer!

I’m currently working on adding tunnel to it add some more detail. Also If want hire me for some small programming or UI Design hit me up in my dm’s developer#0001.

@supershamrock23 & @jordonh23 Your suggestion I’m working on fixing so map has some more detail, With some Mountains around it.

I see crack by the tunnel on right fixing that.

Hey! First of all welcome to the world of building.

I recommend, if you’ve just started, that you practice a bit with all the tools and things you can do in studio before you hop onto a big project.

Overall tho, I really like the outcome of what you’re doing, thus I’d recommend you use:

  1. Textures

  2. Furniture models (parking meters, trash cans, wheel stoppers you name it)

  3. You also need to plan a little criteria. What will the final product look like, any blueprints, pictures?

But again, it’s looking great, and I wish you the best of luck!

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Looks good. The tunnel is a bit rigid though, I suggest using a plugin called Archimedes Two to make that into an arch if you haven’t already. The walls of the tunnel also cut into the sidewalk, so you should make it just a bit wider :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the reply, I will work on it!

Wow, I really like your building style!

I’d like to add one thing that can help you out. I’m looking at the Explorer right now, and I see a list of Parts. I recommend, if you haven’t done so already, that you organize the objects in the workspace by using folders.

Other than that, I really think your build so far is outstanding!

I love your ideas of building, being a builder myself everyone’s already given you all the tips!

Here are my suggestions

  • Add street lights/lamps next to your roads!
  • Maybe add signs, to show the speed limit (Road Signs!) Ect.
  • You could add double red/Yellow OR single red/yellow lines beside the pavement to show you shouldn’t park there, I’m unsure if they have this in your country, there’s a photo reference at the bottom!
  • Maybe add the separating lines in the middle to show if it’s a one-way road or not. (Don’t add them if it isn’t a one-way road!)

However, I think your building style is awesome and it’s not just “Good” :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: