Building Feedback #1

Hi guys, i need feedback for my obby props building.

Building 1 by Gregory Jeofrin 4


Look’s really nice! I love the low-poly style.


For a obby sort of game, this build seems a little large looking do you mind explaining on what kind of building you’re going for, a shop where you can buy game passes, coins, or something related to that? If it’s something that’ll be placed for players try adding some small props to give information on what it is.

Concerning the appearance and details of your build, it is very detailed and the props placed within it aren’t overdone. However, if I were to suggest anything I would recommend striving for more vibrant colors to make the colors pop depending on the style it’s set in cartoony - realistic. This may be done by experimenting with the lighting and messing with the prosperities to reflect those colors.

While build looks good you could try switching up the flat part pieces I’m assuming there wood covering having different shapes and sizes to have a more better approach would remove the repetition look, it’s all up to you. Otherwise it’s not bad good work!


I’m trying to create steampunk theme lobby / obby and this building if kinda like cafe for players to chill or something before they start or returning from obbys. Ok thanks for your suggestion i will fix it.

Edit : I will add gamepass shop later on.

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WOAH! I absolutely LOVE this style!

Did you use meshes, or is this all done by parts/unions?


Thank you, all done by meshes.


Now that’s what I called a big wacky building, shop, or sort


That’s fantastic! If its under 400 meshes, i’m very impressed. Great work Wair!!