Building Feedback

Hi, I have recently done this build which is an underwater simulator. Please tell me how it looks like.



Looks pretty decent. Would make more sense if buildings and architecture was on islands and not just floating on top of water.

I can do so. But this is a simulator map. So that is why I cannot keep things floating. Thanks for the feedback!

wow cool you could maybe change the color of the borders

the boundaries really look like a water also so

9.5/ 10 :+1:

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Even if it is a simulator map, it looks a bit offputting

the :uhh: Neon is killing my eyes
And if its Underwater theme why not use underwater shops like coral shop(a coral shaped shop I mean)

the ground should be sand color

It’s good how about, changing the skybox as it’s a “underwater simulator” because currently it’s just a sky with clouds. Use atmosphere with a tint of blue and make the density fairly high because it will add to the overall atmosphere.

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Maybe add some rocks, or more coral around it. There’s a lot of empty space that looks weird in parts like these.


Ok, Thanks for the feed back. I will make changes.

Given that your theming is underwater, it is jarring to have the lighting not conform to that.

I’d recommend using an underwater skybox if you can find one, and using an atmosphere instance to help provide blue-ish fog over distances to make farther away areas look less clear, as would be the case in an underwater scene.

Ok, thanks for the feedback! I will try doing it.