Building is fun (Accepting Offers)

About Me

Hello, I am here telling you that I would like to create something for you, or maybe not who knows. BUT I will say that I have experience with creating maps, not for a long time but y’know I’m not the worst out there.

I would like to build whole maps rather than just buildings and other small things.

a rough idea of what you want would be really helpful, but not needed.


I have a few things that I have built randomly and a couple from a game that actually released pretty recently!


I am available almost every day and I can work on the project more on the weekends than on weekdays (school and all)


It honestly depends on the size of what you want me to make ( a whole map is going to cost a lot more than say a building. ) other than that I will accept payment in robux


Preferably contact me on discord Tekleed#2168

Thank you.

Game Link

The map was built by me, scripted by Strifal/ Stryfal @ Strifal#0001