Building Lag From ID_Opaque

For my map build, I noticed that when moving around my camera, I get a huge spike from this thing called “ID_Opaque.” Any ideas on what exactly that is? Is it transparency on blocks?


Transparency can have a huge affect on lag. Depends how much you have and how concentrated it is. I’m not sure if that’s what the “ID_Opaque” spike is though.

There are only very few bricks with mid-transparency. I don’t think a fully transparent block will have that much impact though?

That’s a question you can personally answer by removing all the transparency and comparing your experiences.

In the command bar, something like

for i,v in ipairs(workspace:GetDescendants()) do
  if v:IsA("BasePart") then
    v.Transparency = 0

Using particles, decals, beams; these are all possible sources of transparency related phenomena: they should be considered no less.

If you have employed the new atmosphere, that is grounds for possible confoundance, also.

Generally, if you have a problem, remove 1/2 of the systems or structures. Repeating this until you boil down to one subset of system or structure to which performance teeters on and you have found your answer.

If the transition is more gradual, lets say, removing components of the build or game only slowly improve performance, that’s the sign you’ve done what you can and there’s nothing disproportionately awry. That is when optimization becomes the state of improvement, which flies under diminishing marginal returns.

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ID_Opaque is the gpu rendering non transparent (opaque) objects, ID_Transparent is the gpu rendering any transparent object. most likely the reason its so demanding in your case is cause there is too much mesh parts or too much triangles in those mesh parts.