[Building] My Portfolio

Hi there! My name is Non_Fish, I just want you to say I got your attention. I’m a chill guy, and i’m doing this just for fun and nothing else. I’m just a good old builder like everybody else.


A House

A smiling tree

A church

A Cargo Box

You can view my assets here: Builds Showcase - Roblox
My game for a group:A trip to get a snack - Roblox

I like doing things for free but the max i’ll charge is 50 per Map or something, unless its really hard to build and it takes a while to do.

Contact me on:
Random Guy on the internet#1081
(I will only be online on weekends)

Updated on 10/11/20


Hi, I am in need of your services!
More Info In Dms
Discord: DareDaniel0#7616

Alright, please accept my friend request.