Building Real World Places In ROBLOX

Hey everyone! I have a question for you!

So I’m currently rebuilding an exact copy of a real city into ROBLOX and it’s looking good so far! I’m also trying to add as much details to the city as possible to make it more realistic.

My question about this is:

Does this break any of the rules on ROBLOX & if it does, what should I change to prevent that from happening? I’ve added the names of real locations around the city as well as street numbers & I’m unsure if that could break the TOS or not.

I’ve been thinking about replacing different areas with something else, changing where the roads are placed around the city, and the street numbers. This will take a long time & that’s why I really wanna know if this breaks the TOS or not. Please let me know if there’s something that I should change & why.

Thanks for reading and have a nice day! :happy3:


I don’t think using real life location names would be against ToS unless you use it to reveal someone’s address or something like that.


Something like @Acu1000 said, if you are making an exact replica of a place, make sure you don’t include addresses, company logos and anything that is outside of roblox in terms of companies


I recommend changing the names of restraunts and things to close but not exact names at they can do something about copyrighting their brand name.


This is nothing you should worry about, but I do see where you’re coming from. You can make a real city and the names of its roads as long as you

  • Do not include inappropriate road/building names
  • Reveal anyone’s location
  • Use copyrighted materials or real brands

If you are still unsure about anything, you can review the Terms of Service and the Community Guidelines.