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As you see I was creating a club when I was doing the lights that go staright on the floor it dint join up any suggestion on whats the best plugin?

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Please explain more into what your problem is, can you provide screenshots?

Alrighty 1 min im screen shotting it

See that line?I need somet to fix it

Could you be a little bit more precise? You can circle the area with the line, just so anyone reading can instantly see the problem? I can probably see what I can do if I know which line you’re specifically talking about.

The line is going over the other line as you see and I cant do nothing to fix it jus need somet to fix it

You can decrease/increase the movement increment in model>Move. Set it to something like 0.25 and you should be able to scale the brick to remove those lines.

Il try that thank you very much.

On F3X I used 0.1 Size on the 1st one

A suggestion you can use in the future for any gaps, here’s a helpful plugin that I use, GapFill by stravant.