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Im new at building, and i would want to learn how to build, can anyone give me some hints ? For now i use gapfill to do better buildings.


This topic has a whole collection of tips just for people like you:

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I suggest looking into these plugins: My kits and plugins They are really good for building and basically creating everything, if you want to get deep into it I would learn blender for making optimized objects. Practice building every single day and you will improve so much, better starting now then later.
Credit to SetDefault1

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You could start by searching as topics related to this have been answered already as it’s a common question and it has been discussed before: if your wanting to learn how to build, you basically start building there are a bunch of tips and tricks that you could take along the process.

Find images of the things your wanting to create or make always start simple don’t just dive right into huge projects or builds take pictures of things you want to recreate into your creation you could even right down different things in a notebook and save those for later progress and then putting them into your creation.

Short answer: you just start building and you’ll learn what things are needed to becoming more advanced in building.

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Try this link to the developer.roblox page and type ‘tutorials’ in the search page. Lots of info there.