Building system with connected models

I’m making a building system but I’m unsure of how to progress from here. Currently, when placing walls like this to create corners the walls overlap:


What I want to happen is of course a smooth corner like this:

So how would I go about achieving this without having the textures overlap and start twitching?

That twitching is known as Z Fighting, and currently the only way to avoid it is to use CSG or to remove the textures from parts.

You could potentially step one wall back off the other, like so:

Does your building system not use a grid? That would solve half the problem.

I dont think he’s talking about Z fighting. So u have created an abstactional grid, but didnt keep in mind the size of blocks themselfs. U can offset the blocks by the half of their size to match up perfectly

He’s asking how to prevent Z Fighting, bottom line of the original post.

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Removing textures wouldn’t work that well as it would prevent things like different colored walls.
I don’t know enough about CSG to say if that would work and I’m also not sure what you mean by step one wall back?

It does. Not sure how it would help though?

If you look at that screenshot I sent, you can have two walls positioned like that. I colored the walls so you could see the difference between the two.

Making it full-size wouldn’t solve all the issues either though.

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How I fight Z-fighting while building is that I resize the part for like a 0.001 stud so there is a difference in size and therefore no Z-fighting

How does it look from the side?

Yeah, unfortunately that wouldn’t solve the problem in this case though