[BUILDS] Small selection of recent projects

Please don’t misuse categories. This category is for hiring or being hired to work on projects.

Please move this to #development-discussion:cool-creations


Plus i dont have access to that

You didn’t post in portfolios. If this is a portfolio, please move it to #public-collaboration:public-portfolios

mmm no ?

You said this is a portfolio, yet it’s not posted in the correct category for portfolios.

Either move this to #public-collaboration:public-portfolios or post it in the #inception-forum in the ‘What have you been working on’ topic if you are expecting feedback and not someone to hire you.

As @Xiousa said, don’t misuse the catagories and try not to be deliberately blunt in your replies


Please refrain from replies like that.

Everyone works hard to keep this forum from being toxic.

Also move the topic to the correct place. There is a lot of people making a lot of posts and without organization it would quickly become unusable

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But its a portfolio ive seen many posted here before

Like I said I dont have access to that page


Please, try to avoid being rude like that. Toxic behaviour like yelling at others will easily get you removed from the forum.

And if you don’t have access, don’t post in the wrong category.

I have read.

You say you don’t have access to this and you are correct

I am giving you another catagory to post in that I know for a fact that you can post in.

This is unnecessarily rude and continuing along this path gives the moderators very good cause to suspend your account, or even remove your membership from the forums. Roblox has worked hard to foster and nurture a community that is pleasant and civil. Don’t be the one to ruin that.

Please follow these rules in the future:

especially this part:


To add onto what RedDuck765 said:
It doesn’t matter if you do or don’t have access to a page, you must still follow the rules of any community you’re involved in.


If you can’t post in a category you should post your thread in #bulletin-board instead and ask for it be moved into the correct section by a Lead Top Contributor if approved by them (You can DM the group with a link to your post and ask nicely for it to be moved into the appropriate section).

But this is a portfolio which other people are posting here so its in the right place

The correct category is the #public-collaboration:public-portfolios category

Just because other people are doing it doesn’t make it the correct place

This is turning a little toxic so I’ll be closing it.

You are welcome to either:

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