Bulb Temperature and Light Simulation

So there is this phenomena called black body radiation,

responsible for light bulbs and star colors, and I went about modeling it.

The lighting is set to Compatibility. The SurfaceUI number represents approximate current temperature, in Kelvin.

I was wondering what you think of it, if you think it is too choppy or something else.

Right now it just interpolates between the current keyframe and the next, but maybe I could or should do the leading two after the current to make it smoother? I don’t know. So I’m asking for some feedback! :smile:


This is awesome, that’s the only feedback I have for you!

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I think this looks amazing! Keep it up!

Wonderful, smooth transition, the only thing that I could see as a possible issue is how it looks choppy more on Roblox’s side for not being able to render smooth brightness as they should.

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