Bulgari Affiliation Information

7015161b7fddb924ccf601e4185324af Bulgari Alliance Information

Greetings! Welcome to the Bulgari Alliance Information. Within this handbook is vital information to note when pursuing an alliance with Bulgari. Furthermore, we ask you to be patient while waiting for a Public Relations department member to review your application.

Our Alliance Requirements are what keeps our community closest to us on the same track, these requirements are vital to becoming an alliance with us and no exceptions can be made.

  • You must obtain at least 10,000 non-botted group members, and 200 Discord server members.
  • Your group is active and maintains a good reputation.
  • Your application must include 4-5 sentences per question, this excludes information questions.
  • You must provide us with 2 representatives from your group who will stay within our Communications server.

Below will be the questions that you must send to a Public Relations member. If you do come across troubles you may contact tvpetes.


  1. What group are you applying for?
  2. How active is this group? You may rank it on a scale from 1 to 10.
  3. Why would this group be interested in an alliance with Bulgari?
  4. How would this group and Bulgari benefit from an alliance?
  5. Why should we choose you over other alliance applicants? What makes your group special?
  6. Who are your 2 representatives?
  7. Please provide us with a link to your Roblox group and Communications server.

To conclude, we’d like to thank you for taking an interest in Bulgari and it’s development! We hope to receive your application soon. Furthermore, if you have any questions regarding alliances please direct them towards a member of our Public Relations department.