Bundle Roblox Scripting

What am I trying to figure out?

I see its bundle id 83

But now I have the question how would I get the bundle ID by the asset id
for example a running animation

Okay, roblox is quite annoying and does not allow you to get the ID from a bundle, basically you need to manually get the id’s -

Stylish Climb - 619509955
Stylish fall - 619511417
Stylish Jump - 619511974
Stylish run - 619512153
Stylish swim - 619512450
Stylish walk - 619512767

That are the ID’s of the animations.

That’s sad,
I was actually looking for a scripting solution :confused:
But now I have to use a

for i,v in pairs(table) do
for _,a in pairs(a) do
if a== searched then
return i

Means I have to insert bundles my own, thanks anyway.