Burger Son Host Training Guide


Training Hosting Guide
(This guide is a replica of xCa_son last edit)

First off, do the announcement on the Discord and announce it on the Group Wall. Everything will be below. Make sure you log the session at the end.

Group shouts and Discord shouts:

[TRAININGS] A Training is being hosted right now down at the Training Center. Make sure to come down for a possible promotion.

Then on Discord say… -training

[TRAININGS] | Slocked | The server has been locked. Apologies, if you couldn‘t attend. Why not head down to the Restaurant to refresh yourself with a delicious drink?

[TRAININGS] | Concluded | The Training has successfully concluded. Congratulations to the passers. Apologies, if you have failed. Why not head down to the restaurant?

Then on Discord say… -training

Greetings, rules, etc:


Blue is what the Host says, and RED is what the Co-Host says. Lastly, [A] is automatic.

sm Hello, everyone. Welcome to the [TIME, 12, 3, 6 OR 8 PM EST] Training Session! My name is username, and I will be your host for this session. We wish you the best of luck.

sm Greetings! My name is [INSERT NAME], and I will be your Co-Host for this session. Please thank our wonderful staff for taking their time to train you today!

sm We will now be stating a few rules you have to keep in mind. Please pay close attention.

Then say rules.