Bushes and their affect on the game

My game Vehement is supposed to be a fast-paced brick battle game. The current weapons are rocket launchers and swords. Today I added bushes in the game, they conceal players and also give players the ability to surprise other players by damaging them while inside the bush.

Player hiding in a bush with a weapon

For a player to maximize the ability of a bush they need to play a “campy type” playstyle meaning that the player plays at a slower pace. I do not want the game to become a slow-paced “campy” brick battle game. I enjoy craziness and action. Could you give me feedback on bushes and if it does heavily affect the game is there a way to punish players that use bushes and play campy?

Game Link: Vehement - Roblox

Thanks for reading and feedback

In your bush, have some ontouched code that does low damage or add some region checking code with damage in it

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Why not make the parts collide able?

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