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Hello, I am on the DevForum today to offer my services as a Business Consultant within ROBLOX. I am here to tell you about what exactly I do, how I do it, and my current market backgrounds. I first got involved within the Business Market on ROBLOX around 2014 when I opened my own Icecream Restaurant within the website, given this was my first business I was clueless on what to do within the second step.

I started off by filling in the positions of our High Ranking officials to help assist me running the group, we took this at a small and short pace to ensure that we hired the RIGHT individuals to assist me within running our operations. The second step I took was increasing our current standard on the Marketing Stance of operations, I IMMEDIATELY started gathering our HR’s to recruit within the GRP and after staying up all night we gathered over 50 members within separate servers.

I sold off the group to an individual who was highly interested, since then I am still kicking it within the business aspect of the ROBLOX market. This is the portfolio that will show you the profits and margins I can provide within getting your business started.

Within this, I am bringing my services to assist ANY business owner on the ROBLOX website get there business on its feet and started with ANYTHING ranging from: MARKETING, FINANCE, DEVELOPMENT, AND GENERAL OPERATIONS & MANAGEMENT.

Since I have been within the ROBLOX Business Market I have been employed within MANY businesses both large and small. To view my current resume you can take a look within my GOOGLE DOC that will provide a brief introduction of what I have learned, gained, and fully experienced within my Business Market positions.

Within being chosen as a Business Consultant I am ALWAYS available as I fully provide my services to many people at the moment and in the future. I am fully available to contact as I am mainly on 24/7, always checking my DIRECT MESSAGES and ROBLOX MESSAGES.

However, when it comes to DMing me I beg that I am not spammed, bugged, nor spoke to in a harsh manner. I will be giving constructive advice that will help you, so when within my contacts I am asking that we keep the conversations within a civil manner.

Payment can be mainly discussed and negotiated, depending on the work amount and general quantity and quality.

You can contact me directly within DISCORD as that is my primary focus of communication, if you have an issue reaching out then please Direct Message me on the ROBLOX website

DISCORD: stick#0677

ROBLOX: stickza

Thanks for taking the time to read this portfolio, if you have ANY questions I am always open to them within the reply section and my personal DIRECT MESSAGES


Looks amazing, will be in contact, however, I wouldn’t recommend mentioning selling groups on a forum which is patrolled by staff members & informants.


Hey! Thanks for that, I was not trying to send the message that I approve of selling groups. However, if it came across that way by the way I worded stuff then I will fix it.


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Hey Stickza, I have added you on Discord. Thanks.

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