Business track streamed

okay im sorry but who picked business track for the stream
i understand that some people find it very useful however i am seeing many people bored out of their minds (me included)

next RDC they should stream all 3 tracks at the same time in my opinion
at this point, im not learning much about changes roblox is making, im just hearing legal things that i have very little interest in.

stream all 3 tracks next RDC?

  • yes
  • no

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honestly at this point i feel like we won’t hear about stuff like premium, more info on ugc, etc. on stream

doesn’t this include RDC EU people too?


The chances are is they don’t have the resources to stream all 3 at once, so they have to stream the one that they feel would be the most useful to the majority of established developers who couldn’t attend and then upload the rest later. They did the same thing last year.
We will hear about these new features in due time. It’s rather exciting that UGC should be with us within 6 months to a year from now.


I don’t think the business track is particularly useful to anyone who isn’t already at RDC. It also has exactly zero hype.

They should have picked the Design or Technical track. Streaming all 3 is likely too complex.


perhaps so, but i feel that maybe then they could’ve posted a poll or something along the lines in order to get feedback and see what people not attending would rather see

i know i personally would have much rathered one of those

i agree, all 3 may be complex. then like i stated in a reply, i feel that they could’ve taken feedback from non-attendees to see what the larger amount of people would’ve preferred to see

Don’t they normally all get released post RDC anyway? I wouldn’t worry about it too much.


I think they do, but I prefer watching it happen realtime over watching through videos / a video / reading an article.

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1 person voted for no, kind of want to hear their reasoning.

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For my rationale, it’s incredibly hard to upkeep and maintain 3 simultaneous streams occurring. I used to live stream and I had an odd edge-case where I had to run only 2 sources and wrap them both together using NGINX, which was extremely difficult for me at the time and very resource intensive. I understand Roblox has more resources than I do, but I would much prefer a high quality stream that’s being maintained instead of 3 independent, separate streams.

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That makes a lot of sense, I can agree with that, but if they are going to do one stream they probably should do something other than the business track.

Perhaps so, but that wasn’t what the poll was asking.

Or in my opinion, at least host a poll of some sort to see what non-attendees would prefer.

Yeah, that part was just a sidenote.